Empowering children and transforming parenting


Empowering children and transforming parenting

Affirmations for the African Child promotes conscious parenting, mental health awareness and well being for children.

Many parents are often unaware of the ways we and society impact our children’s sense of self which has a long lasting impact on our children’s development.

Our vision at affirmations for the african child is to empower children and transform the way we (adults) see them so that we can raise resilient and happy children with strong self-esteem.

Affirmation Cards

These cards are a tool for parents to use with their children to help them see themselves as whole and complete.

Building self-esteem and a sense of belonging and pride through positive representation is an important part of raising healthy children. The way children speak about themselves and the way they are spoken to is the blueprint of how they view themselves throughout their lives.

Suitable for all ages, children can use them independently or with the guidance of an adult.

If Africa is your home and you identify yourself as African, these cards are for you.
More African Languages are coming soon.

Affirmation cards for the African Child comes in a set of 31 cards for children of all ages, available in English and Braille. The cards include x1 Wild card where a child can write down an affirmation that speaks to them. The themes focus on highlighting each child’s uniqueness, accepting oneself and others, and building positive beliefs about oneself.

Cover Feature Artwork

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